The future of global cannabis genetics for medical and scientific purposes

Pioneers in the medical Cannabis industry

A worldwide provider of cannabis genetics licensing, cultivars and seed supply


Our core business focuses on the development of genetics and the production of certified seeds and proprietary cultivars, within a framework of R&D programs.

Our experience and knowledge, and the leadership obtaining required permits as producer and supplier of formalized cannabis genetics, places the company in a privileged position for global operations.

medcann today

Two pillars underpin medcann’s creation in 2016:

Profound understanding of the regulatory framework.

Decades of expertise in cannabis cultivation, hybridization and transformation for medical purposes.

As from 2021, the company focuses its endeavors and strategy on cannabis genetics to provide the highest quality, legal and formalized genetic varieties to the global market.

medcann Pharma envisions itself as leading supplier for both the medical cannabis and hemp industry worldwide, maintaining a broad spectrum of cannabis genetics in our portfolio. We will be continually increasing diversity through R&D to meet the market needs, utilizing the latest molecular genomics technology.

Competitive advantages

Project with an excellent geographic position

(Fuentedeoro, Meta – Colombia)

Suppliers of formalized and registered genetics

Continuous improvement of our genetics

(chemovars, productivity, and resilience)

Corporate Governance Good Practices
Positive change agents

Fuentedeoro, Colombia Production and operations center

  • Total land: 23 hectares (57 acres).
  • Field sowing: 11 hectares (27 acres).
  • Reservoir with capacity 30.000 m3 approx.
  • 4 labs: seeds, tissue culture, quality & transformation.
  • Germplasm bank with 2.188 accessions.
  • Hybridization program and R&D projects.
  • Total commitment to biological cultivation practices such as beneficial microbes and enzymes.
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medcann Pharma Inc., is a Canadian holding company with an established presence in Colombia - where the project is located and its main operations - and newer subsidiaries in Spain and Peru.