About us

About us

We began to write a new chapter in the medical Cannabis history in 2016

Two pillars underpin medcann’s creation in 2016:

Profound understanding of the regulatory framework.
• Decades of expertise in cannabis cultivation, hybridization and transformation for medical purposes.

In its early years, medcann aimed to take the most of the country´s competitive advantages (regulatory and natural) in a sustainable and competitive way by betting on outdoor cultivation with the goal of obtaining scalability, and low-cost expansion, through mechanized agriculture processes.

The first efforts of the company focused on:

• Concession of regulatory assets.
Characterization of genetics varieties.

Milestones and achievements

medcann 2.0: genetics licensing and seed supply

As from 2021, the company focuses its endeavors and strategy on cannabis genetics making the most of the strengths and advantages acquired in previous years, to provide the global market with the highest quality cannabis/hemp genetics.

In the years to come, medcann Pharma will become a global powerhouse in formalized cannabis genetics and worldwide provider of licensed cultivars and certified seed supply.

Global presence

medcann Pharma Inc., is a Business Group with headquarters in Canada and subsidiaries in Spain, Peru and Colombia, where its Production and Operations Center is located.

Fuentedeoro, Colombia
Production and operations center

Colombia is a very attractive country to develop the cultivation of medicinal cannabis due to its excellent geographic
location, as well as an established regulatory framework.

Fuentedeoro, department of Meta, was chosen due to its favorable climatic conditions such as an altitude of 312 m
above sea level, an average temperature of 26 ªC, and a percentage average photosynthetically active radiation of 80.

Additionality, the soil of the high plains and foothills are agricultural soils, and their flat topography allows for mechanized agriculture, thus a dramatic reduction in costs.

Our operations include R&D projects predominantly for the hybridization and breeding programs, to boost our business lines in cultivars licensing and production of seeds.

  • Total land: 23 hectares (57 acres).
  • Field sowing: 10 hectares (25 acres).
  • Reservoir with capacity of 30.000 M 3 approx.
  • 4 labs: seeds, tissue culture, quality & transformation.
  • Germplasm bank with 2.188 accessions.
  • Hybridization program and R&D projects.
  • Total commitment to biological cultivation practices such as beneficial microbes and enzymes.

medcann Europe

Based in Spain, medcann Europe aims to leverage the development of our genetics business line through the licensing of our registered cultivars to licensed producers in the European Union (EU). In addition, we are implementing important medical cannabis projects with multiple partners.

These partnerships will play a major role by solidifying our status as a strategic player that facilitates the advancement and acquisition of knowledge about medicinal cannabis – its genetic and agricultural improvement – through the generation of evidence of its therapeutic effects in various formulations. 

Likewise, is a beneficiary entity of the “INVESTIGO PROGRAM”, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan from the Spain Government, funded by the European Union-NextGenerationEU.

Corporate governance

It is our purpose to contribute in an innovative, responsible, and sustainable way to the global progress of the medical cannabis industry, thus guaranteeing the highest possible quality in the development of therapeutic solutions that improve the quality of life of people who can benefit from its use.

We will achieve this through a collaborative work with the medical and scientific community, patients, governments, academy and technology partners, and the trust and support of our investors.

We will grow in harmony and fulfill our goals by operating and acting under these principles:

• Attention to detail in everything we do
• Social and environmental responsibility
• Ethics and compliance
• Diversity and inclusion
• Sustainable development

Corporate structure

The corporate and organizational structure of medcann Pharma responds to our Corporate Governance Code; the principles and guidelines for an adequate management and control of the company, and the engagement with our stakeholders.

The value of stakeholder’s engagement at medcann

We adopt the best practices regarding Corporate Governance to build long-term relationships and ensure responsible and sustainable growth, within a framework of open, transparent, and timely communication.

Scientific & medical engagement: our priority

We recognize the value of the medical and scientific community as a neutral and objective promoter of the medical use of cannabis. Our goals:

• To validate de benefits of medical cannabis elevating progress in the sector, promoting a serious debate with evidence-based results.

• On the medicinal front, in the mid-term, we would like to pursue the development of formulations designed around the treatment of chronic pain/opioid withdraws, rheumatoid arthritis, and skins conditions as eczema and psoriasis.

Diseases/conditions in which medical cannabis use has demonstrated greater benefits: chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, epilepsy, asthma, glaucoma, Alzheimer, cancer, HIV and Crohn disease.

Leadership team

medcann´s management team combines the experience and knowledge of executives from large multinational corporations and long-term cannabis producers experts.

Senior management

Carlos Guzmán Toro
Ana Canalejo 
R&D Director
Jazmín Cala
Operations Director
Andrés Montero
Ethics & Compliance Director
Maria Rivadeneira
Human Resources Coordinator
Eduardo Bohórquez
Financial Manager
Ana Prieto
Communications Advisor
Marcela García
Regulatory Affairs Manager
Felipe Harker
Commercial Advisor

Chairman of the Board and Advisors

Pablo Quevedo
Gary Strachan
Carlos Nariño
Parter and General Manager
Mongibello S.A.S
Guillermo Ibarrondo
Co-founder and Partner
IBARRONDO Consulting Inc.