Collaboration agreement fasplan

Collaboration agreement to boost cannabis agricultural innovation

Alliance to promote best practices in the production of elite cannabis genetics for the industry.

The main objective of this collaboration is the union of the genetic capital of medcann Pharma and its specialization in the production of high-quality genetics, with the knowledge and experience of FASPLAN in the in vitro propagation of multiple plant species and the application of biotechnological techniques to advance faster in the production of micropropagation material of elite genetics for cannabis crops – for the local and international market – and accelerate the processes of genetic improvement, hybridization, stabilization and characterization of new varieties, essential to meet the demands of the cannabis sector for therapeutic use.

This is a unique partnership in Colombia that combines capacities, specialized knowledge and human talent to develop products and processes at a high innovation level, applying tissue culture technology to the cannabis plant for the large-scale production of elite plant material – of the highest phytosanitary quality – with the technical, productive and commercial advantages of this type of propagation material for the grow of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes.

FASPLAN facilities, Rionegro – Antioquia.