Research &
Development (R&D)


Research and Development has been in medcanns’ DNA since its beginning with the technification processes, and further implementation of ambitious hybridization programs, using marker-assisted selective breeding technology.

In a changing reality in which scientific evidence on different cannabinoids – and combinations of these – appears daily, the company ensures the continuous execution of projects for the generation of new chemovars that seek higher concentrations of specific active components, greater resistance to pests, and productivity improvement.

This way we can offer a diverse genetics portfolio of the highest quality, fully formalized and registered, for our clients’ cultivation operations.


Technical – scientific team

We have an exceptional team working on an interdisciplinary basis:
professionals from chemistry, chemical engineering, agronomy, and
mechanics areas; project management specialists, master´s degrees in crop
physiology and administration and management; and PhDs in plant breeding and seed science and technology.

Led by two of our co-founders, recognized experts with international prestige and experience.

Gary Strachan

Co-founder, Scientific

Former MIT professor with academic and practical experience in genetic sequencing and chromatography technologies.

Gary is also Former agriculture Canada scientist and member of many international professional societies for genetics, microbiology, food science, viticulture, and enology.

Former Canadian delegate to O.I.V. (Organization International de la Vigne et du Vin) with broad teaching experience in enology and viticulture.