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Our history is the sum of the efforts, dreams, and vision of a group of entrepreneurs, businessmen and experts who bet on the medical Cannabis industry in Colombia, to contribute to local and regional development while attaining a prominent place in the global industry.

Today, medcann Pharma Inc. is a Canadian holding company with an established presence in Colombia and newer subsidiaries in Spain and Peru, that focuses its efforts through our strategy of the development of novel cannabis genetics for medical and scientific purposes under our Corporate Governance Code, and the highest standards of Compliance.

It is our purpose to contribute in an innovative, responsible, and sustainable way to the global progress of the medical cannabis industry, through collaborative work with the medical and scientific community, patients, governments, academia, and technology partners, with the trust and support of our investors.

Study on the economic impact of the medical Cannabis industry in Colombia, developed by EConcept and sponsored by medcann Pharma in 2019. Calculated estimates if the sector develops as expect and with the required speed:

Colombia has an exceptional opportunity to increase exports weight in the GDP and diversify them with a new product such as cannabis for medical use.


The country could reach exports up to US$ 17,700 million with a minimum value of US$ 1,146 million and an average of US$ 5,918 million.


The industry could boost the national labor market with more than 21,000 new jobs on average, exceeding up to 100,000 in the most optimistic scenario.

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